Sonntag, 3. Februar 2013

[1966] The Outcasts - Set Me Free

listen to the song:

Some time ago, (ha, 3 years ago), I posted another song by "The Outcasts", which you can listen to here: "Hard Lovin' Babe". But to what I found on the web, I have to assume that this where another Outcasts band. Somewhere I read 10 groups with this name are known to have existsed in the 60's.
However, "Set Me Free", this time with male front-vocals sounds like the great Airplane going back to the garage. The Chorus and organs are giving it the psychedelic feeling. More Outcasts tracks can be found on the Collectables CD "Battle of the Bands! - The Outcasts vs. the Arkay IV" / or the same tracks at the '85 Cicadelic LP release "Meet The Outcasts!"